WonderCon 2016

Did the press thing again this year at WonderCon. The most press work I did was attend the DC Rebirth press conference and interview several of their creators afterward. It was a good time. Very infectious to talk to some of these creators about their upcoming work.

DC Rebirth

(Screenshot courtesy of the DC Entertainment live stream.)

I also picked up what felt like a ton of self-published comics from the creators in Artists Alley that I’m excited to pick through and read. I’ll probably write something up about all of them either here, over at Loser City, or at Comics Bulletin.

I handed out my business card to several people, mostly when letting them know I was interested in writing something up about their books or interviewing them. That was nerve wracking. Having a business card when I’m not a business man or “a business, man” might take some getting used to. There’s still time for people to snatch up one of these cards so they can get one from this one time only run of 50.

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