DC REBIRTH: Judge A Cover Not, Lest Ye Be Judged


I wrote about DC Comics’ covers for their Rebirth specials and how they struggle with communicating the stated intent of the relaunch. The actual writing of the piece wasn’t especially labored but I put a lot of forethought into it as well as time collecting all the artwork with proper credits.

Give it a read over at Loser City, if you would.

My first comic was published today!

My comic Veins with Conan Sinclair was published 4/4/16 over at The Establishment along with a personal essay I wrote about my experiences with mental illness surrounding its creation. This comic meant a lot to Conan and I so I’m quite glad we found it a home at The Establishment after sitting in a drawer for a year.

You can read it here: LINK

And I’ve also assembled a thorough writing process post: LINK