The Scent of May Rain is my first graphic novella. It’s the story of Esther, a Jewish golem woman created in 1920 who spends the next 100 years on a journey that sees her become a mother, a fighter, an icon– and maybe even her own person? From a story by myself and Rae Epstein, script by myself, art by Kaylee Rowena, letters by Cardinal Rae, and design by Jodie Troutman.

cover 400dpi (1)MAY RAIN_01-01MAY RAIN_06-01May Rain 17

I have a webcomic now! Weekend Warrior is co-created with artist Anne Marcano and lettered by Danny Djeljosevic. It’s about an office drone working a day job so that they can afford traveling to an alien world where they get to be a superhero one weekend at a time! You can read that here.



Designated Hitter was a spy comic pitch that I put together with artist Cait Zellers and editor Nadia Shammas.

Designated Hitter Coverdesignated hitter 1designated hitter 2

Emmett Helen and I co-created Sprawl, a mini-comic about two kids in a near future where the advent of the self-driving car has dealt a serious blow to the teenage psyche. It debuted at DiNK in 2018. As of right now, you can only get it through Emmett’s shop.

sprawl coversprawl page

Marta Selusi and I co-created A Prayer to God, a short comic about a mortally-wounded barbarian who meets his maker, and she has serialized it on her Deviant Art account. Check it out here.

a prayer to god

You can now purchase Sail, my new comic with Jean Pe, on Gumroad! It’s available for $1 (but you can pay more if you like). It’s about a young girl who sets sail from the only home she’s ever known in search of a place to call her own.

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James Leask wrote up a lovely blurb for it in Comics Alliance’s Best Comic Books Ever (This Week) feature:

As a child, your home can seem suffocating and the world outside the front door can be enticing. After all, all you have to do is step outside. Sail withholds the specifics of why Carrie leaves home and takes to the sea and is the wiser for it, instead focusing its short length on what she sees on the ocean. Her encounter with Kahley the mermaid, beautifully illustrated by Jean Pe, changes her perspective about her own home, and sets up the thoughtful finale. Stack and Pe use the 10 pages of Sail with a skill and economy that knows exactly when to pause and take in a quiet or powerful moment. I look forward to seeing what they do next, but in the meantime, I’m glad to have Sail.



10 pages + process material. Full color.

Precog, the comic I did with Sally Cantirino, is now on sale over at Comixology for just $0.99 as of 10/19/16: LINK

You can also purchase Precog directly from Sally over at Gumroad: LINK

It’s a fun comic about a petty criminal who uses a drug that lets him see the future in order to get out of a dangerous situation. Sally inked the hell out of it; she’s a destroyer of worlds. People have said nice things about the book and I think there’s a good chance you might agree with them.


My comic Veins with Conan Sinclair was published 4/4/16 over at The Establishment along with a personal essay I wrote about my experiences with mental illness surrounding its creation.

You can read it here: LINK